Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going once, going twice......SOLD.

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2009 was a great year, and 2010 is shaping up nicely. 2 well received art shows,and some sales,can you believe it, people will actually buy art if you price it low enough. All jokes aside, i would like to thank all the clients that handed over their hard earned money for some hard earned art in these hard economic times. I posted up the paintings so you could take a look at what people bought,and also to have a memory of works past. Its hard to let a piece of art go ,let it go into the world and sit on its own. That's why i make sure to give them good homes, with people that i know love the work as much as i loved painting them. That being said,i still keep the hype shit for MY house.lololololo.ez. ONETON express, choo chooooooooooo.

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